Reporting Balfour

It was fantastic to get back on the road behind the mic and report away from the comforts of a warm, dry newsroom.

On Saturday November 4, I was asked by Tel Aviv based broadcaster I24News to report the ‘Justice Now: Make it right for Palestine’ demo.

Several thousand marched from Marble Arch to Westminster in the event organised to mark the centenary of the historic Balfour Declaration – a short letter written by the then Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Lord Rothschild, laying out support by the British Government for the establishment for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. While many in Israel and beyond no doubt were celebrating the anniversary, others – Palestinians in particular – weren’t so happy, instead saying this declaration was the beginning of a process that saw the establishment of the Jewish state and the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homeland.  

Naturally, as you’d expect from demos of this kind, passions ran high and I was saddened to see some pro-Israeli counter protesters met with antisemitic chants later on in the day.

While I regularly reported live when I was a radio reporter, this event was the first I reported on for live TV. I can’t wait for my next assignment!