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Short Form Editing: BOE Governor Promo

Short Form Editing: BOE Governor Promo

If you’ve tuned in to watch Bloomberg TV recently, you may be familiar with their various thirty second promos trailing popular shows, high profile interviews and notable guests.

In November, Bloomberg had a huge exclusive with Bank of England Governor Mark Carney. So high profile, he was interviewed by Bloomberg Editor-In-Chief John Micklethwait. It was the first Bloomberg TV interview with the Governor of the Bank of England in more than ten years.

I was tasked to create a 30″ promo to run in commercial breaks on the global TV network with the aim of showing how interviews like this can move markets.

A combination of key soundbites, orchestral music, colour grading, stills and Broll gave the 30 second piece prominence, importance and the pizzazz to demonstrate the kind of influential guests Bloomberg attracts.

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