Hemel Labour Party Campaign Video

Hemel Labour Party Campaign Video

With the General Election now just weeks away, candidates across the UK are putting their all into campaigns. Hemel Hempstead’s Labour Party are the latest political organisation to use my services. This time, it’s the turn of their parliamentary candidate Nabila Ahmed to be featured.

The party invited me to their campaign launch last Sunday evening at St Mary’s church hall in the Old Town part of Hemel. 

While I usually make a rule and point of going into a shoot with a plan or at least an idea about what’s going to be said, this shoot was completely unscripted, unplanned and shot ‘blind’.

With so little time between being announced as the parliamentary candidate and the election on December 12th, Nabila was quite rightly completely focused on her campaign and didn’t have time to pen me a rough script or shot list. She’s also got a dissertation to write alongside campaigning to be Hemel’s next MP. Talk about determination! 


Hememl Labour Party Campaign Video for the 2019 General Election | Eric Johnson Photography & Videography

The video was completed Wednesday, with editing done in the evenings as I had other commitments during the day. With no time to film extra footage, the additional Broll shots were from Pexels. Well worth a visit if you need royalty free photos and videos for your projects.  

It was a pleasure to film Nabila – and with the General Election now in full swing, video has never before been so crucial to campaigns. 

I would like to mention I have offered my services to all the candidates in Hertfordshire. While it’s up to the party chairs and treasurers if budgets can extend to a video, many are opting to shoot election videos on smart phones or are not considering video at all. I know I’m bias, but that’s a big mistake in this day and age! So I’d like to thank Hemel Labour – and the other political parties – for putting their faith in video and choosing me as their videographer.

If you’re reading this and would like a professional video turned around quickly, let’s talk.

I wish Nabila all the very best with her campaign. As I said to Chris Ostrowski and Ian Stotesbury when I filmed their campaign videos – I hope it brings you success in the polls!

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