Front page photo!

My local paper, The Watford Observer, have published my photo of the Northern Lights from my recent trip to Iceland… on its front page!

I’m chuffed to pieces that it was worthy enough of publication and it’s given me a massive boost in confidence in my capabilities as a photographer.

Bizarrely though, the print copy refers to me as a ‘former Channel 5 news anchor.’ Not quite. I’ve never anchored the news on Channel 5, but I did work on The Wright Stuff and currently read the news on Bloomberg TV… so maybe that’s where the confusion came from.

The published photo was my second attempt at capturing star trails as they revolved around the northern star, Polaris. I first tried this method of combining several long exposure photos in the summer in a field near me one evening:

I was quite pleased with the first result, but obviously delighted my second attempt made the local paper!