An editor and producer of both long and short form videos, my work enhances multimedia storytelling enabling news organisations to reach new digital audiences. 

The ‘Supercut’

With the right treatment, short-form videos with added text and music can make almost anything more palatable for online audiences as often, key messages can be buried in a murky narrative. Whilst at Bloomberg, I created the ‘supercut’ – a technique of cutting together soundbites from guests on set to form a theme about a subject. With added music and easy to follow text, it offered the audience context, clarity and insight in short manageable clips, ideal for playback on mobile devices and social media:

Norway Finance Minister Siv Jensen and guests discuss the impact of lower oil prices and why it may be too early to call a bottom.

In the lead up to the Brexit vote in June 2016, the web team at Bloomberg wanted video content to feed an audience hungry for clarity. When International Monetary Fund MD Christine Lagarde issued a stark Brexit warning, I boiled down her speech to emphasise the points people need to know, with added text and images to give it extra emphasis. This played well on the embedded article and was viewed & shared thousands of times on social media:

Brexit Could Hit Growth, House Prices and the Stock Market, IMF Warns

Videos for Social

The rise of social media means our lives can reach new goals of audience engagement and interaction. Social media platforms are placing extra emphasis on video and so, the way videos are produced must adapt, too.

Explainers work really well on social media, if treated correctly. Simple, bold text and punchy images do the job of informing the viewer if the subject is heavy on figures and dates – especially if devices are set to autoplay video on mute. Here’s an explainer about the new headquarters for the European Central Bank, which was three hundred and fifty million euros over budget, three years late and took three ECB presidents to complete:

ECB Sets Key Rates From New Home

The U.S. presidential campaign of 2016 provided some memorable moments and kept me happily busy as a video editor. Things moved fast and an international audience wanted clarity and analysis on the latest. Following the results of the New Hampshire primary, bold text and images made the events more palatable to digest:


First Person Videos

I love editing videos recorded in the first person for the simple reason they’re free of editorial interference.

Jim Rogers, chairman at Rogers Holdings, discusses currencies, why investors view the U.S. dollar as a safe haven and outlook for U.S. markets.

When Italian luxury brand Fendi opened a new boutique hotel in March 2016, I put together this report which allowed the narration to flow from the subject in their own words. Clean, simple, clear:

Fendi Unveils New Rome Palace, Both Store and Boutique Hotel

In a similar fashion, first hand accounts are also extremely useful from people on the scene or by those with specialist knowledge of a subject. Filmed on a smartphone, they can be turned around quickly and distributed widely, like this one:

Iran Oil Lands in Europe for First Time Since Sanctions End


Breaking News

When news breaks, people reach for their smart phones and record their own personal record as it happens. There’s an abundance of material out there and people are eager to share to their connections to spread the latest developments. The terror attacks in Nice, France, was an example of how I edited together first hand accounts, user generated content, contextual straps and quality third party material to tell the story of how Islamic extremism stuck again at France’s core:

For more examples of how I edit breaking news, please follow this link to watch recent videos I’ve edited for the AFP news agency or select from the playlist below:

Outside Office Hours

It’s not all work though. I was recently a guest at a wedding and couldn’t resist but do some filming in between sipping glasses of champagne! This wedding video was shot on my Nikon D5200 DSLR and edited on Final Cut Pro X. It made the ideal wedding keepsake!

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