A presenter with over ten thousand hours airtime, I have also worked as a television producer and recently began freelancing as a news anchor.


News Anchor

In 2016, I started an exciting new chapter in my career. After successfully completing several screen-tests, I was asked to read the First Word news bulletins on Bloomberg TV – a channel with a global reach of more than 310 million viewers. These bulletins are always live, on the half hour:

In March 2017, I signed an ad hoc contract with Sky News to be an overnight presenter. More on that, later…


There’s a fairly high chance you’re here because you know me from a certain show on Channel 5. For almost six years, I was an on-screen audience researcher (later promoted to Interactive Assistant Producer) for the channel’s daily debate show, The Wright Stuff. It was a great training ground to learn the ropes of live TV and with an progressively thickening skin, I was tasked to do anything (and pretty much everything) that would give the audience a good laugh! But laughs aside, I worked with amazing talent from Jerry Springer to Michael Bolton and used my new-found recognition to raise money for charity.

Such was the success of my role on The Wright Stuff, I was featured in the industry magazine, The Presenter. Read my full interview on pages 4 and 5:


Having taking direction from numerous producers in the past, I used my script writing and video editing knowledge to work towards becoming one.

In 2013, I became an Output Producer for Daybreak (which later became Good Morning Britain) on ITV to create topical segments to set viewers up for their day. I developed ideas from planning stage to produce day specific, quality content for the programme. As well as writing scripts and teases, I produced VT reports, edited ULAY picture sequences for bulletins and supported correspondents for their hits.

In the clip below, I wrote the presenter’s intro and script for the package, sourced the footage, commissioned the graphics and assisted the edit to create the end result. I also set up an interview with the sofa guest off the back of the VT:

In the same year, I began a similar freelance role at Reuters in London, covering business, markets and financial news. I scripted and edited the clip below using Avid and iNews – and co-ordinated with the anchor in the field to get a piece to camera on location:


I did the odd TV appearance in my capacity as a journalist and odd-jobbing presenter – and together with my stint on The Wright Stuff, I put together the following showreel:

Did you know I can shoot, too? Find out more.