I arrived on the media scene over twelve years ago as a local radio field reporter and recently returned to the airwaves as a broadcast journalist.


My first job after leaving university was a reporter for local radio station Hertfordshire’s Mercury 96.6FM (it now runs as Heart). I reported the latest news and entertainment happening in and around the county and gained a reputation for asking the pressing questions that needed answering:

I secured a number of exclusives. One notable event was the Buncefield Oil Depot blast in Hemel Hempstead in 2005 – Europe’s largest explosion for six decades. I was one of the first journalists on the scene and my reports were broadcast on stations across the world. I was the first port of call to provide details of investigation findings and to quiz high-ranking politicians on the latest developments.

It wasn’t all news, however. I produced weekly roundups of the latest films and DVD releases:

Broadcast Journalist

I started freelancing at Mix 96 in Aylesbury in 2013, a most welcome return to a medium I love after seven years away from the mixing desk. I broke some big stories – the Charlie Hebdo attack; the death of Nelson Mandela and the usual local news that listeners needed to hear: