The digital world is constantly evolving – and so too are the ways material is produced and published. In virtually every role I’ve undertaken, the focus to create, publish and curate content on mobile, online and social media platforms are areas of considerable growth, which has resulted in the development of my skills to embrace the latest changes.

Publishing and CMS

I’ve used a number of bespoke Content Management Systems within organisations to publish and edit websites and digital material. Researching, writing and publishing articles and social media posts whilst ensuring all copy and content is clear, correct, concise, complete, and consistent is a key strength.

My first online editorial role was with RealNetworks in London, best known for the creation of RealAudio, RealVideo, and the media player, RealPlayer. The role required working within the marketing team and with other departments in assisting with the promotion of video content and making important decisions about what content was suitable for the ‘Real’ audience.

As Assistant Editor, it was important to keep the website updated with trending videos and entertainment content, underpinned by extensive SEO so and related portals would reach audiences far and wide. Recording interviews, attending press junkets, previewing and reviewing films were part of the job also.

Whilst at The Wright Stuff, my Interactive Assistant Producer role encompassed that of website editor. A big focus was on the distribution of video, online discussion and information. I updated the show’s portal daily with content that enhanced the show once it finished at 11am, with added social media functionality that maximise its share-ability to a wider audiences.

Video clips were encoded using Brightcove and published with captivating headlines and descriptions, that helped make it one of the most popular sections on the channel’s website.

I’m well versed with HTML and other coding languages to style and edit websites, and so with knowledge I’ve grown since the early days of the internet in the 90s, I also trained production staff on web management and how to create web-friendly content.

In my role as Digital Media Desk Editor for Bloomberg, I served as primary-point person for all digital video needs for U.K. shows and guided the curation of videos across Bloomberg‘s digital and mobile platforms. The role included decorating videos on relevant top stories and using editorial judgment to write headlines and descriptions as well as applying SEO and metadata to assets, working closely with social and web teams on video needs.

With scores of clips to produce hourly, a fast and efficient process was required to keep the website and syndicated partners current and relevant.

Social Media

It’s hard to imagine a world without our favourite social media accounts, isn’t it?! When I joined The Wright Stuff in 2007, social media was in its infancy. Soon though, platforms became a great tool to share video and interact with new far-reaching digital audiences. I singlehandedly developed The Wright Stuff‘s social media presence across Facebook and Twitter to grow a collective audience surpassing 100,000 by the time I left in 2013.

YouTube is one of the biggest social networking sites around, and with my focus on multimedia storytelling ever-growing, it’s something I use daily for personal and professional use.

I have been freelancing at the Agence France-Presse (AFP) news agency since 2013 as a web video editor. I’ve edited thousands of reports from around the world and having competent knowledge of video distribution ensures my work reaches far and wide. I self edit, categorise and publish my work with close collaboration with corespondents and journalists around the world to ensure content is sharp and relevant as possible.

My video editing style has adapted to embrace short form storytelling to make complex news items ideal for a YouTube audience.

Photo Editing

Photography is a passion of mine and I enjoy editing the digital files after a shoot to make the images pop. I’ve been using photoshop since its early release and relish learning new techniques and skills in my spare time.

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